How to Properly Tighten the Top 19mm Nut on ISC Coilovers

In today’s video Andrew shows us the correct way to tighten the top 19mm nut on our coilovers. This item is important and we get questions about clunking all the time. Much of this is because people don’t understand you need to use the 5mm allen key to stop the shaft from spinning. Please see the below video for tips!

Our ISF gets ISC N1’s

Our ISC ISF is currently getting ISC N1’s installed in preparation for our 2014 season. The vehicle will sit nicely on this setup paired with our incoming SSR wheels which should be here in the coming weeks.

The ISC N1’s will be set for the current stock 19 inch wheels, and re dialed once the larger SSR’s arrive. What SSR wheels you may ask, well that is a secret for now. Lets put it this way they will be the first in the country of this specific model… shhh!

For our spring rate we are starting with a 14/10.

ISC Show Season, Here We Go!

Good Morning everyone, Allen here, ISCs’ Media and Marketing Rep! We’ve got a big season of events planned for 2014 including some fan favorite shows like Wicked Big Meet, H2O and a new one for us this year, Wekfest. ISC Suspension-NA will also be attending various other shows throughout the summer and early fall and we can’t wait to see all of you at these events!

This year, ISC Suspension-NA is proud to announce that we will also be attending major events at New Hampshire Motor Speedway and will be advertising and selling our products in their Pro-Shop!

ISC Needs Your Opinions! ISC Front Control Arms

Hello team gold members! ISC is looking to introduct a new product to the market for 2014 but we need YOUR help! ISC is lookng to introduce a solid front control arm for the BRZ/FRS platform that would replace the current flimsy OEM one.

As many of you know, the BRZ front control arm is extremely weak in comparison to what it should be, there have been tests that express additional flex just from people upgrading their pads and rotors! That’s definitely not ok, and ISC would like to fix it!

ISC Suspension Improves Youtube Presence

Over the past year ISC Suspension-NA has been working on creating a larger market by utilizing various Social Media outlets. Some of these outlets include Instagram, youtube, facebook, twitter, and Google +. Most recently ISC Suspension has been working on their youtube page. ISC has been attempting to bring the most up to date video to the consumer to help assist them in having the best guides for installing their products.

Winter Time with ISC Coilovers

ISC Suspension coilovers are designed to be able to withstand the harshest environments but without proper preparation for cold temperatures and salt and sand even our coilovers can become seized or frozen. Below is a short list of things that you can do to ensure that your coilovers remain clean and in well prepped for the upcoming winter weather.

ISC Sponsored Vehicle Featured On SpeedHunters

Alan Miller’s 08 STi was recently featured on SpeedHunters. For more information on this car check out this link:



For full article please visit:

Photo Credit:

Quan Duong- Evoked Photography-

Emir T. Orbita, ISC Suspension Sponsored Car HIN 2013 3rd Place Best Subaru

This week we have yet another ISC Suspension-NA sponsored car. This week we present Emir T. Orbita. Emir placed in 3rd for HIN this year for the Hottest Subaru in 2013!

Emirs’ car is a 2002 Subaru Impreza WRX. His currently sponsored by ISC Suspension-NA, Donlyson Auto Concepts, Inc, J2G Autosports, and NRG Innovations.  We are proud to sponsor a car with such a unique build and such a creative individual behind the wheel. Emirs’ car is a truly magnificent automobile! For full specs on Emirs’ car please see below!


2002 Subaru Impreza WRX

Project Warrior 350Z, ISC Sponsored Car

Something that not many people may know, is that ISC Suspension-NA provides sponsorships for many different types of vehicles, and many different people. ISC has a legacy of racing and drifting in Thailand and that continues today with various sponsorships that are offered here in the US. ISC Suspension-NA sponsors multiple drivers, from show cars to drift cars. Below is a short write up on one of our sponsored cars, The Project Warrior 350Z, owned by Richard Andrews. This car was created by Rick himself who is a veteran of the United States Military. Rick regularly attends events crafted for Veterans and is a voice in the community.