ISC Suspension Coilover Build Time Lapse!

ISC Suspension has been working on trying to produce some cool new videos to showcase our brand. Our second video that we have made recently is a time lapse of our technician Kyle building a set of coilovers that just came with some custom valving. While our coilovers are great straight out of the box, some customers need more agressive valving, custom spring rates, and or more! We offer it all here at ISC Suspension-NA and are ready to accommodate your needs! Check out the video!

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ISC Suspension Updates it’s Image Catalog!

Today ISC Suspension is proud to be updating it’s image catalog! ISC Suspension has been slowly attempting to update the images in it’s catalog and now today, it is finally happening. While not EVERY product will have a photo there will be many more then there are currently!

Here is the list that will be updated.

















08+ Civic


Stay tuned to see the shots on the website soon!!!

Turn 14 now offering ISC Suspension!

ISC Suspension-NA is proud to announce our partnership with Turn 14! We are very excited to be working with Turn 14 and hope that this will allow us to offer even more people our popular N1 Coilovers.

A little bit about Turn 14 can be read below.

Turn 14 Distribution is a Performance Warehouse Distributor strategically situated 20 miles north of Philadelphia and less than 100 miles from New York City. Regionally, Turn 14 Distribution’s locale boasts the highest population density in the United States with a one-day ground perimeter ranging from Boston to Richmond and including Philadelphia, New York City, Baltimore, Hartford, and Washington DC. Globally, Turn 14 Distribution’s competitive freight rates,’ship to your shop’ flat rate shipping, late shipping cutoff times, and same day in-stock order fulfillment commitment enable us to service customers both across the United States and the world.

ISC adds Swift Springs to it’s Upgrade Line!


ISC Suspension is proud to announce that we are now able to offer Swift Springs as an upgrade for our ISC N1 Coilover. Swift has been in the Spring Market since 1996 while it’s parent company Tohatsu has been making springs since 1924. Swift aims to bring the highest quality springs to the performance suspension world. Swift Springs are made out of a Steel Alloy material called HS5.TW. This material was created to help achieve the four priorities in creating Springs. Swift describes them as below:

  1. The most consistent spring rate throughout the stroke
  2. The largest amount of stroke

New Warranty! 5 Years!

ISC Suspension is now proud to offer its new and improved Warranty!

With ISC’s recent expansion and growth we as a company are very proud to now be able to offer an even longer warranty than before! Over the past few years ISC has grown exponentially! While ISC has been present in Taiwan and Australia for quite some time, it is still a fresh company here in the US. From an 800 square foot building to it’s now current 3000, ISC has continued to grow and we look forward to it evolving even further in the future.

Kozmic Motorsports beats their own Texas Mile Top Speed record!

Seems like just yesterday I got an email from Kozmic Motorsports in Houston, Texas telling me they beat the top mile speed with a top speed of 193mph, making it the fasted EVO X to date. Well just last weekend the boys at Kozmic did it again. They topped their previous top speed record by 7.8 miles per hour, 200.8MPH!!

Sponsored Driver Alan Miller’s 2008 STi

Taking it back to Wicked Big Meets at Wachusett Mountain in Massachusetts the one vendor who would go out of his way to introduce himself and wish you a good day was the one and only Alan Miller. Alan has probably the cleanest 2008 Subaru STi in the game with the parts to back it all up. This 08 STi has been meticulously built by EFI Logics in Connecticut to put down some power. For looks, believe that Miller brings the heat! More carbon fiber can be found on the front end of this car than most will ever dream of. From the ChargeSpeed carbon fiber lip to the Seibon Carbon fiber fenders and the SSR SP1 Professors in Spectrum Silver to set it all off. Inside you cant help but notice a rare discontinued set of Bride Stradia Maziora seats, WorksBell quick release and steering wheel hub finished with a 350mm Personal Grinta wheel. Did I mention the Cusco 6 point cage? This car is sure to turn heads both in and out.

Finally, the long awaited Subaru BRZ/Scion FRS ISC Suspension N1 coilovers

We are proud to announce that our ISC N1 coilovers for the Subaru BRZ/Scion FRS are finally ready to bring to market!

For whatever reason we were slow to the get go on parts for the new BRZ/FRS but that wait is over. We have our coilover kits ready to rock and roll! In the next 6 months we will also be bringing about some rear adjustable camber arms.

Preloading your ISC N1 Coilovers

How to preload your springs:

Thank you for purchasing ISC Suspension N1 Coilover kit!

We have received a lot of inquiries on how to properly preload the coilover suspension.

We recommend a preload of 5mm on all corners of the suspension. To set this, you will need to compress the spring using the large gold collar. Simply tighten this up until it stops spinning. You can then take a measurement of the spring. This should yield you 0 preload. From here you need to compress the spring an additional 5mm.