Clean Culture Season Closer

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend Clean Culture with Kyle, our mechanic and technician. The show was amazing as always! ISC Suspension had the opportunity to present itself to some customers that we normally don’t get the opportunity to see. There we’re many people at the show that didn’t know ISC Suspension existed, and we were able to provide them with some options for products that they didn’t know existed.

Having options is always important, and I was happy to show people that there are more options out there. People were impressed by ISC’s 5 year warranty, and also very excited about the branding, colors, and material our products were made out of. (More on our Warranty here:¬†

Formula D Prep

What a week it has been and it’s only Tuesday! Here at ISC Suspension we are working on getting everything prepped for Formula D Round 3. While only one member of the staff has the opportunity to go to this event it is still an important event to prepare for. Allen will be heading to Fort Worth Texas tomorrow to meet up with the Lowe Performance team. Allen will be providing media coverage and commentary on the ISC Suspension Instagram, Facebook, and this blog itself. Allen will be at Formula D for a total of 3 days and will also cover not just Pro 2 but also the Pro series of Formula D as well. You can watch Formula D Round 6 Showdown here: http:// Allen is super excited to get out there and get some great photos for the company! We’re happy to see him out there (and glad we don’t have to suffer in the heat with him!)

Wicked Big Track Day Wrap Up

It’s crazy that I am writing this 4 days after the event. The time since Wicked Big Track Day has flown by. Most of this is because of our big move, no ISC employees have managed to get out of the office before 8 or 9pm! There is just so much inventory that has been accrued overtime. Our new facility has many more amenities that we think our customers will enjoy and believe that it will make their lives easier as well as ours.

Wicked Big Track Day Draws Closer

Who is excited for Wicked Big Track Day? We sure hope ISC Suspension fans are! We recently started a campaign to get some interest in individuals running ISC N1 or Basic coilovers on their vehicles. The goal here is to get people to run their cars so they can see the actual benefit on the track! We are going to have 3 cars running at the event. The drivers names are Justin DuPont, Tom Piplinski, and one drivers that we haven’t decided on yet.

Wicked Big Track Day

ISC Suspension Has Moved!

ISC Suspension-NA has moved! While our move wasn’t official until last Thursday we are extremely excited to get the new location up and running. ISC Suspension will still continue to offer the same services that we always have and you may even see some more great products and services being released soon. This new shop area will assist us in expanding our ability to manage customer service, sales, and coilover rebuilds.

Wicked Big Track Day & ISC Website Updates

Wicked Big Track Day

Hey everyone, we’ve got great news for many of our loyal fans! With Wicked Big Track Day coming up next Sunday we have a great opportunity for many individuals who haven’t had the money or chance to track their car with ISC Suspension coilovers.

ISC just purchased 5 HPDE track event passes. We are looking for 5 individuals who are willing to track their cars! These cars need to be on ISC products/recently order ISC products. We’re really hoping that we can help show the Subaru community of what our coilovers are capable of and also want to help our friends and teamgold members get their cars set up the proper way. We will also be proving decals for those individuals so that they can represent us to the fullest!

86 Fest, Initial D, and the AE86


Hello fans! ISC Suspension is looking for a fantastic booth car to be featured at our booth at 86 Fest. 86 Fest is one of the larges Toyota festivals in the United States! It will feature all sorts of different Toyota vehicles as well as the sought after 1986 Toyota Trueno. We’re looking for an older Corolla, Levin, or a newer BRZ/FRS/GT86 to display at our booth!

If you think that you may be interested or have a vehicle that you would love to share with us please send and e-mail to

ISC Sponsored Driver Jeremy Lowe Finishes 3rd!

This was an eventful weekend for ISC Suspension-NA. Sponsored Driver Jeremy Lowe qualified 1st place on Thursday night of the Formula D Seattle qualifier. Jeremy went on the next day to have quite the tumble with his car. Jeremy lost control and hit his car on the bank. This left Jeremy’s front drivers side wheel and almost everything in the front drivers side suspension destroyed and out of wack. It also ruined his alignment as well. He and his team worked tirelessly to get the car back together and had to utilize a mismatch of different parts. Jeremy utilized his skills and drove the car anyway with a very thrown together alignment and went on to make it to 3rd place. This also bumped Jeremy from 4th place to 3rd place in the Formula D standings!

ISC Now Offers Shock Dyno Services

ISC Suspension is always trying to offer the best service for it’s customers! ISC Suspension is now offering Shock Dyno services and a whole new suite of rebuild services ranging from packages from the daily driven car to the weekend track vehicle. ISC is currently offer 4 packages, a, b,c, and d.

Package A:
Shock Dyno- $30.00 per corner
1) You send us your stripped down shaft to Dyno.
2) We can also Shock Dyno your brand new set before they ship and include the results with the coilovers!

ISC Suspension Website Re-Design

As some of you may already know ISC Suspension-NA has been working on creating a new up to date website. Our current website has served it’s purpose for the past few years and we’ve decided that it is time for us to create a fresh new face. Design has changed over the past few years and minimalism is whats in! ISC Suspension has been working with several graphic designers to try and get the best looking website possible and is looking to combine form, and function (much like a stanced car) with the re-design.