Clean Culture Season Closer

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend Clean Culture with Kyle, our mechanic and technician. The show was amazing as always! ISC Suspension had the opportunity to present itself to some customers that we normally don’t get the opportunity to see. There we’re many people at the show that didn’t know ISC Suspension existed, and we were able to provide them with some options for products that they didn’t know existed.

Having options is always important, and I was happy to show people that there are more options out there. People were impressed by ISC’s 5 year warranty, and also very excited about the branding, colors, and material our products were made out of. (More on our Warranty here:¬†

Formula D Prep

What a week it has been and it’s only Tuesday! Here at ISC Suspension we are working on getting everything prepped for Formula D Round 3. While only one member of the staff has the opportunity to go to this event it is still an important event to prepare for. Allen will be heading to Fort Worth Texas tomorrow to meet up with the Lowe Performance team. Allen will be providing media coverage and commentary on the ISC Suspension Instagram, Facebook, and this blog itself. Allen will be at Formula D for a total of 3 days and will also cover not just Pro 2 but also the Pro series of Formula D as well. You can watch Formula D Round 6 Showdown here: http:// Allen is super excited to get out there and get some great photos for the company! We’re happy to see him out there (and glad we don’t have to suffer in the heat with him!)