ISC Suspension Product Release; Wheel Spacer

ISC Suspension-NA has just released a new product, the ISC Wheel SPACER! PEople have been asking for it since we began making Wheel Adapters and we have now delivered. The ISC Wheel Spacer is offered in the same 15mm and 25mm size that the ISC Wheel Adapter is offered in and made of the same material.

The ISC Wheel Spacer however, is only available in black and also sold in pairs. Pricing for this product starts at 150.00 per pair! Official Description is below!

Wheel Spacers

ISC Sponsors Represent at Staggered Car Show in CT

Welcome back to our blog folks! We hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

This weekend ISC Suspension was unable to attend Staggered Meet in CT due to prior obligations. However, ISC’s sponsors showed up and represented ISC in a fantastic way with Sticker, Banners, Brochures, and word of mouth.

ISC Suspension had 3 primary sponsor cars at the event and each one had special traits that showed.

The first car ISC had at Staggered was John Sea and his LS1 RWD swapped bugeye WRX. Talk about a unique and aggressive car. John is currently running ISC Track/Race coilovers, Wheel Adapters, and ISC Brake Kits. For more on John’s car visit him on instagram! (click on pics for instagram)