ISC Needs Your Opinions! ISC Front Control Arms

Hello team gold members! ISC is looking to introduct a new product to the market for 2014 but we need YOUR help! ISC is lookng to introduce a solid front control arm for the BRZ/FRS platform that would replace the current flimsy OEM one.

As many of you know, the BRZ front control arm is extremely weak in comparison to what it should be, there have been tests that express additional flex just from people upgrading their pads and rotors! That’s definitely not ok, and ISC would like to fix it!

ISC Suspension Improves Youtube Presence

Over the past year ISC Suspension-NA has been working on creating a larger market by utilizing various Social Media outlets. Some of these outlets include Instagram, youtube, facebook, twitter, and Google +. Most recently ISC Suspension has been working on their youtube page. ISC has been attempting to bring the most up to date video to the consumer to help assist them in having the best guides for installing their products.