Winter Wrap up! SEMA 2013 and more!!!

It has been a busy year for ISC Suspension this year, from the great times at Wicked Big Meet, to our first time debut at Waterfest, ISC Suspension has been reaching out to many different markets to help show other groups of people what we are all about! We have many more innovative projects coming to help improve the performance of track/race cars and street cars.

In addition to our new products we have also teamed up with AMF motorsports and now offer completely custom valving for our customers that really need that extra advantage. AMF motorsports has been in service for almost 40 years! For more information regarding custom options please visit this page!

ISC wants to hear from you!


Hey all you team gold members… ISC wants to hear from the fans; share your ISC experience with the community. We want to see and hear what people think about the magnificent technology behind the ISC N1 coilover kit. We have been present in the US long enough to know these coilovers have circulated around most of the US and parts of Canada. Help expose the ISC N1 to even more parts of the country and help educate them about the ISC products. If you are happy with the product and service, share your experience so we can get more #teamgold members.

ISC Suspension Coilover Build Time Lapse!

ISC Suspension has been working on trying to produce some cool new videos to showcase our brand. Our second video that we have made recently is a time lapse of our technician Kyle building a set of coilovers that just came with some custom valving. While our coilovers are great straight out of the box, some customers need more agressive valving, custom spring rates, and or more! We offer it all here at ISC Suspension-NA and are ready to accommodate your needs! Check out the video!

Also please subscribe to us on youtube for the latest and greatest coilover videos!

ISC Suspension Updates it’s Image Catalog!

Today ISC Suspension is proud to be updating it’s image catalog! ISC Suspension has been slowly attempting to update the images in it’s catalog and now today, it is finally happening. While not EVERY product will have a photo there will be many more then there are currently!

Here is the list that will be updated.

















08+ Civic


Stay tuned to see the shots on the website soon!!!