ISC adds Swift Springs to it’s Upgrade Line!


ISC Suspension is proud to announce that we are now able to offer Swift Springs as an upgrade for our ISC N1 Coilover. Swift has been in the Spring Market since 1996 while it’s parent company Tohatsu has been making springs since 1924. Swift aims to bring the highest quality springs to the performance suspension world. Swift Springs are made out of a Steel Alloy material called HS5.TW. This material was created to help achieve the four priorities in creating Springs. Swift describes them as below:

  1. The most consistent spring rate throughout the stroke
  2. The largest amount of stroke

New Warranty! 5 Years!

ISC Suspension is now proud to offer its new and improved Warranty!

With ISC’s recent expansion and growth we as a company are very proud to now be able to offer an even longer warranty than before! Over the past few years ISC has grown exponentially! While ISC has been present in Taiwan and Australia for quite some time, it is still a fresh company here in the US. From an 800 square foot building to it’s now current 3000, ISC has continued to grow and we look forward to it evolving even further in the future.

Entering New Markets


ISC started as a Subaru brand, and has evolved into mostly all European and Japanese markets. When ISC started, the owner was Subaru driven and focused on building the company around personal interest. Subaru was the comfort zone and the most familiar industry. Subaru has opened the door for numerous opportunities in the coilover market for ISC. ISC has learned the dynamics of all cars and has adapted to all markets individual needs.

SEMA: Racing and Performance Products Featured Product

We were proud to showcase our ISC N1 adjustable coilover at the SEMA show in Vegas this year.

Our product won a Global Media Award for Canada, and also got a lot of publicity with all the exposure it had.


Updated Description on our ISC N1:

The ISC N1 coilover is the optimum suspension tool for improved handling for your street or weekend track car. This product is perfect for someone looking for performance, adjustability (height and dampening) and other quality features.