A little about ISC North America

Figured a blog post about us as a company was due. A lot of blogs are in regards to FAQ’s, products, or events. ISC as a company is pretty unique, and we have been here in USA for 4 years now. From a 800 sf building, to a 1600 sf building, we now have reached an appropriate location at nearly double the size at 3,000 sf. Size is not everything though; the brand has grown in many ways, we have introduced an entire new product line for 2013, and there is no looking back. Here is a little summary of what goes on here:

New Product Introduction: 08+ WRX Rear Adjustable Control Arms

***Coming in March of 2013***

08+ WRX ISC Rear Adjustable Control Arms

Our new rear adjustable control arms are now available for the 08+ Subaru WRX/STi. A product that surpasses its competition by having better quality, availability, and price! This product is ideal for anyone with a 08+ who is lowering their vehicle on coilovers or even lowering springs. Using these adjustable arms will allow you to obtain correct camber settings, and in return a functional alignment and stance.

New Product Introduction: Subaru 5×100 to 5×114 Wheel Adapters

eatured Products Feb 2013:

The first product I would like to cover here is our new 5x100 to 5×114 Subaru wheel adapters:


These will be available in the next couple of weeks (accepting pre orders now as well).
We have 2 versions available, a 15mm and a 25mm. We wanted to provide the market with something unique, and make it readily available. The Subaru WRX community is always on the hunt for 2004 STI OEM wheels because they are 5×100 and can fit their cars. After 2005- current STI is now 5×114, so basically useless to the entire Subaru community unless you own a STI, but at that point you have the OEM wheels already! So what is the magical solution for all Subaru owners to be able to run STI OEM wheels or aftermarket 5×114 wheels? Our new wheel adapters!

Why ISC Coilovers…….


Is the word Coilover new to you? Confused on whether the product is worth the money, time and effort? Well, if you are questioning it, and wondering if coilovers will best suite you and your needs, you’ve come to the right place.

A brief history of how “Coilovers” received their name. The word “Coilovers” is derived from the coil over shock engineering. This simply explains that all coilovers are designed with the spring surrounding the shock creating an integrated element. Coilovers were originally designed and used in the racing industry and have evolved into almost all markets, but still convey the performance, adjustability and rebound aspects of the original use. Coilovers have become more and more popular on street cars and are used not only for performance but for ride height adjustability also.