Preloading your ISC N1 Coilovers

How to preload your springs:

Thank you for purchasing ISC Suspension N1 Coilover kit!

We have received a lot of inquiries on how to properly preload the coilover suspension.

We recommend a preload of 5mm on all corners of the suspension. To set this, you will need to compress the spring using the large gold collar. Simply tighten this up until it stops spinning. You can then take a measurement of the spring. This should yield you 0 preload. From here you need to compress the spring an additional 5mm.

ISC Suspension Receives a Global Media Award at SEMA

ISC Suspension has returned from SEMA 2012 with a Global Media Award!

The Global Media award is awarded to an individual product that a group of worldwide journalist decides. The participating media from all over the world represent some of the industry’s top magazines and editors that are most respected in the world. Their opinions are highly valued in this industry due to their expertise and knowledge of the automotive markets in their countries. ISC Suspension was recognized by Autoblog- Canada. Not only is this an excellent opportunity for ISC Suspension to expand into the Canadian markets, but ISC has all intension of capitalizing on this opportunity.

ISC Sponsored Kozmic Motorsports EVOX breaks Texas mile record

Kozmic Motorsports EVO X Shatters Texas Mile record

A few months back we picked up Kozmic Motorsports as a dealer. These guys are big in the EVO and GTR market and build some serious fast cars. After setting up their 2007 Subaru STi on ISC Coilovers they decided to go all in and get a set for their Texas Mile car. If you are not familiar with the Texas Mile, take a look here: Pretty simple, the car that puts down the highest speed in the mile in their class, wins! We are very proud of Kozmic Motorsports!