Clean Culture Season Closer

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend Clean Culture with Kyle, our mechanic and technician. The show was amazing as always! ISC Suspension had the opportunity to present itself to some customers that we normally don’t get the opportunity to see. There we’re many people at the show that didn’t know ISC Suspension existed, and we were able to provide them with some options for products that they didn’t know existed.

Having options is always important, and I was happy to show people that there are more options out there. People were impressed by ISC’s 5 year warranty, and also very excited about the branding, colors, and material our products were made out of. (More on our Warranty here:

We also had the opportunity to show off the ISC Suspension ISF, the car always turns heads and it was looking great. We weren’t able to get it into the VIP section due to some miscommunication, but hopefully next year we will be able to get it inside at more clean culture events.


As for the show itself, there were hundreds, even thousands of cars. I couldn’t even get a chance to see them all because it seemed endless. The amount of vehicles from all walks of life is what really makes Clean Culture shows worth going. If you haven’t been to one yet it is a big culture shock. Coming from an all subaru background can be tough, lots of people know about us in that community.




We started in Subaru, but all of us at ISC have cars from other brands that we really enjoy. There we’re a lot of really clean Honda vehicles that I normally don’t see as much in the New England area. it’s always so easy to poke fun at Hondas, but when you see a really clean RHD Integra coupe, it’s hard to ignore.


(Not the Integra I was talking about)

We also had our Tier 2 sponsor there with us, Melissa. She runs a community that can be found here. Her car looked great at our booth and we were happy to have her!


Bonus Photos:














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